Global Forum Youth Time 2016

Youth Time Global Forum 2016 in Jakarta : Call for Journalist

Dateline: 7th August, 2016 Date: November 24- 26, 2016 Type: Fully Funded Organizer: Youth Time International Movement Youth Time Global Forum 2016 is inviting young people who are currently working as journalist  in national or international media (newspaper, magazine, news agency, TV, radio or news portal) to join Youth Time Global Forum 2016 in Jakarta,[…]

Volunteerism Teaching Indonesian Children Ipmawan Mahasiswa UGM

Mahasiswa, Mengabdi untuk Bangsa dan Mendidik Anak TKI di Negeri Jiran

Kegiatan ini bernama VTIC Cycle 4 yang digagas oleh sebuah yayasan bernama Volunteerism Teaching Indonesian Children (VTIC) Foundation. Tagline dari VTIC Foundation adalah “Mendidik dan Mencerahkan Anak Bangsa”. Tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah mendidik anak Indonesia yang berada di daerah perkebunan kelapa sawit di Serawak, Malaysia. VTIC Foundation merupakan sebuah yayasan yang bergerak di bidang[…]

Benjz Gerard Sevilla from Philippines

[Testimonial] Benjz Gerard Sevilla, Philippines – Planning Officer of Information and Communications Technology Office in the Philippines

It is imperative that a common platform be set up for volunteers to access centralized information regarding a particular instance, i.e. disasters. Sharing the common geographic stand point, the Philippines and Indonesia are both in the Pacific Ring of Fire which makes the countries vulnerable to disasters induced by tectonic movement, volcanic eruptions and even[…]

Mohammad Eisa Ruhullah from Bangladesh

[Testimonial] Mohammad Eisa Ruhullah, Bangladesh – Member of Allama Fazlullah Foundation

As I know about Indonesian youths positions in the world is going up day by day. I can compare to my home country Bangladesh is doing nothing than Indonesia, but I am trying to join some of Indonesian programs in nearly future. I have got two invitation letter from big events of Indonesian youths. But,[…]

Mohamed Hamada Abd El-Kodous from Egypt

[Testimonial] Mohamed Hamada Abd El-Kodous , Egypt – Regional Representative of North Africa International Model United Nations

Indonesia Volunteering Hub is one of the most pioneering Youth-led organizations in Indonesia, I give it the full support of North Africa International Model United Nation organization, also we are happy to cooperate and share Volunteering opportunities with them.

Kiziah Philbert from Kenya

[Testimonial] Kiziah Philbert, Kenya – Executive Director of Youth Synergy Kenya

I commend the spirit of volunteerism as a factor that shapes straight leadership by youth because for us to lead, we must first be shown how to do better, this is only possible through volunteerism. Indonesia Volunteering Hub will not only prepare the youths for the future but will give them an opportunity to serve[…]