Spontime Brand Ambassador in Indonesia

Spontime di Indonesia

Indonesia Volunteering Hub – Spontime is a new social media founded in Poland, now our headquarter is in San Fransisco, USA. We are just small startup dare to dream big. Things are getting more exciting and the official, full version of Spontime is going to be globally launched VERY SOON! We need young people with passion in social media to publicise Spontime in Indonesia and make it a hit. You will receive certificate in the end of program and even letter of recommendation from Spontime for your future career!

We will work as a team of Spontime ambassadors with the help of Spontime National Representative of Indonesia. All this thing sounds so serious that is why we need your creativity and joy to make this works. This program will end on October 31, we will work and have meeting virtually. So all we need is your time and passion!

We will create a buzz about Spontime everywhere! Indonesia will be talking about Spontime next month :)
Dare to join us?


Recruitment open until Sept 24, 2016

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